A good PR agency doesn’t sit back and wait for your announcements… we’re unrelenting and proactive in getting our clients coverage.

Every agency brings together different experiences and capabilities… but which one is right for you? Through our PR series of interviews, we try to understand what’s unique about each agency, and why their clients pick them over the thousands of alternatives out there. At the same time, we pick their brains to identify untapped opportunities and trends in PR for B2B companies. Today, we’re interviewing Kyle Peterson, partner at Clement | Peterson.

NXT: What do you do, and who do you work with?

Clement | Peterson is a full service PR firm that helps B2B tech companies increase their share of voice in crowded markets.

We work with emerging startups as small as a handful of people all the way up to publicly traded enterprises.  We are comfortable in both environments, and really understand that any two clients are rarely alike in the PR strategies and tactics that’ll work best for them.

Industries range from cloud platforms and big data solutions to cyber-security, AI, MarTech, fintech, etc.

NXT: What are some examples of the work that you do?

Sure, here are a couple of examples, and you can see more case studies here.

We’ve helped a company get 150 articles on the launch of a new product, which contributed to their eventual acquisition by Google.  Large corporate M&A executives are always scouring the news for their next acquisition idea, and we make sure our clients are right there front and center.

We helped another company establish its thought leadership by pitching interviews on industry news and trending topics.  The result was widespread coverage in all the high-profile and relevant media including The Wall Street Journal, CoinDesk, Reuters, Fortune, VentureBeat, and TechCrunch, among others.

NXT: How do you get new clients?

Most of our business comes in from referrals.  Executives may bring us over with them when they move to work at new companies.  Or clients recommend us to their contacts searching for a PR agency.

NXT: How are you different than other agencies, why do clients choose to work with YOU?

We are particularly adept at attracting media attention whether or not our clients have a lot of compelling news announcements.

Most really don’t – in large part due to more iterative product development.  So, it’s really on us to be smart and creative to earn them worthwhile coverage through an unrelenting and proactive PR approach.

We won’t sit and wait for the next announcement.

While we approach this a number of ways depending on the client, what’s been working for us consistently is to develop, pitch, and place thought leadership articles on behalf of our clients.  And that’s why the ability to write is at the very top of our must-have list when hiring.

NXT: What is the average/ballpark cost of engaging with you, and what services are included?

Our client engagements range, but most tend to be around $10K/month.  That’s for the majority of our clients who ask for a full PR program, which also includes analyst relations, extensive thought leadership campaigns, and other activities that we jointly decide are beneficial to their business.

Unlike most PR agencies, we do not sign clients into long-term contracts.  All clients, even those we have worked with since our founding days, have just a 30-day “out” clause.

This keeps us hungry to produce the best results we can month-in, month-out. It also takes the burden off clients if their business plans or directives change.

NXT: What are some missed opportunities by B2B companies or tips you’d like to share?

Whenever possible, leverage customers and channel partners to help extend your business’ story to media.

Some of the best press pieces a client can get are

  • articles coming straight from the customer’s POV outlining how they migrated to a certain product, or
  • from a reporter Q&A with a channel partner discussing why a vendor’s solution has delivered value to end users.

While it’s more difficult to get customer and partner participation in certain tech categories (like IT security), it’s absolutely worth trying when possible.

There’s a media appetite for these stories that we don’t think a lot of B2B tech businesses realize.

Clement | Peterson

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