How entrepreneur Alex Winter built a Customer Acquisition Model for his company.

An interview with Alexandre Winter currently leading the Computer Vision and Machine Learning team for Arlo at Netgear.

Alex Winter is a Technology entrepreneur and Image Recognition expert. He has founded and co-founded several companies, among them Placemeter, the urban intelligence platform that helps quantify movement in our cities, at scale. It was acquired by Netgear in December 2016 after raising three rounds of venture capital.

Currently Alex is leading the Computer Vision and Machine Learning team for Arlo at Netgear. He also dedicates a portion of his time to mentoring startups at Techstars NYC and IoT,, and with several venture capital funds.


In this video Alex shares with us how he built a Customer Acquisition Model for his company, Placemeter.

Alex Winter: My second company Placemeter was selling to small businesses mostly.

We built a customer acquisition machine basically that worked really well. We are really excited about it. There are really three components.

The 3 basic components of Alex’s Customer Acquisition Model.

  1. Online Ads

online advertising

Alex Winter: The first one was online ads, mostly no google ads. We had somebody full time optimizing the keywords, optimizing the frequency, the budget. By doing that we could divide the acquisition cost by just optimizing. Having somebody on that all the time.

That was the first and it worked together with the second component: content.

  1. Content

Create great content

Alex Winter: Content is very important. We had five different channels: blog posts, we had of course twitter, Facebook account. And we had different kinds of contents we were posting. Some of them were fun, with tidbits of data that are interesting for anybody. Some of them more focused on specific applications around transportation or urban planning and things like that. Those are also a big part of our acquisition machine in the intent that ads and content go together, they nurture each other. We made sure we put in things every week or we also have a very tech channel where we will post interesting things on computer vision. That was probably the most successful one.

  1. Events

business events

Alex Winter: Then we had events. We went to events a lot. Very targeted, specific events. After each event of course we created content and then we leveraged that at our presence online with more targeted or slightly different ads.

So, the three really work together and it’s a living animal basically, you have to feed it and change it all the time right, understand, you know adapt it to what’s happening in the world.

Alex Winter


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