Growth notes #1: top insights of the week to inspire growth!

There’s way too much content out there.  It’s great content, but there’s no way to keep up.  Maybe you’re saving epic articles using Pocket or Evernote but you know deep down that you’ll never have time to get back to them.  It’s a shame really because you may be missing out on some needles in the haystack.  But you can’t build a business, keep up with everything… AND have a life;)

Which is where we come in!  The team running the B2BNXT blog listens to tons of business podcasts and reads even more blogs every week anyway, so we thought: “why not put together the best couple of ideas for our audience?”  And we wanted to go a step beyond that.  We wanted to provided a little bit of context, our commentary, and some additional food for thought.

There are articles out there that can inspire action, but you have to reframe them sometimes.  How can you get great ideas from articles?  How can you make content more actionable?  With that in mind, we’ll be publishing our Growth Notes on a weekly basis.  You can subscribe at the bottom of our website to receive them in your inbox.  It’s one email, one page, once a week.

If the insights we share give you one actionable idea that you can apply at work… it’s mission accomplished for us!


We’re a team with the mission to spread ideas that help B2B companies uncover growth opportunities. No click-bait-y articles, no fluff!

We focus on interviewing successful business owners and practitioners, testing different B2B sales channels, and sharing tips and compelling stories. We dig deep into the business models, tactics, and numbers to provide actionable insights.

If any article feels like it wasted your time for whatever reason, shoot us a note and we’ll address it. We want to build a small but strong community, so we’re listening!

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