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Insights from B2B PR Agencies: what opportunities are you missing out on?

Every agency brings together different experiences and capabilities…but which one is right for you? Through this guide, we try to understand what’s unique about each agency, and why their clients pick them over the thousands of options they have. At the same time, we pick their brains to identify untapped opportunities and trends in PR for B2B companies.

B2B Growth Squad

Was founded in a moment of desperation. When absolutely nothing seems to work for your business, and you’re tired of wasting thousands of dollars on expensive consultants and services that under-deliver, you may want to try their innovative approach to producing evergreen content with your clients in mind. Best of all, their campaigns are self-funded, so you have no risk!

Red Shoes PR

Also stands out because their philosophy is that great PR happens when you push the envelope. PR is all about taking smart, creative risks. So you need the right people in your corner with experience taking such risks. You want a PR team that knows how to mitigate risks but still keeping you on the edge, at the forefront of your industry.

Wachsman PR

Is different because it’s the only industry-specific agency of the group, laser-focused on Fintech. Dealing exclusively with a highly specialized industry brings big benefits to their clients. Because they know all the media players in their niche, and they have established a reputation with them. Editors often reach out to them (rather than the other way around).


Emphasizes content that’s valuable to your audience, especially if you’re in high tech fields like IoT, AI, cybersecurity, and AdTech. Media Relations often devolves to wire pick-ups and opportunistic trend piggy-backing, which may yield poor results and is unsustainable. Instead, they focus on true relations with media and produce pieces that demonstrate their clients’ thought-leadership.

Kite Hill PR

Zeroes in on unique content but takes a different approach: proactive news-jacking that helps clients identify trends early on, to get maximum bang for their buck. To amplify these efforts, they supplement media coverage with thought leadership pieces. But above all, the focus is on being proactive, and the first to ride a wave.


LaunchSquad is the team you want on your side when you’re trying to develop and spread a story of innovation and change. Whether you’re a funded startup or a division of a leading company like Amazon or IBM, LaunchSquad’s team of communications strategists, media relations pros, writers and creatives help you figure out your story and then spread it across a mix of owned, earned and paid media channels for maximum impact.

Grativate PR

Takes a more “a la carte” approach over integrated marketing, which of course has its place but can be overwhelming for companies at earlier stages. Instead, they create a custom plan and cherry-pick the PR opportunities that are right for you. To be even more cost-effective, they maintain a low overhead by having a small core team, while being able to tap into a network of specialists in PR and other marketing disciplines as clients require and scale.

All the agencies share great insights in the pages that follow. There’s overall consensus that B2B companies tend to be more self-serving in their communications than they should, and they should focus more on understanding their clients so they can add true value to them.

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Founder of Board Studios Inc, an animation production agency that helps B2B companies simplify and communicate more effectively. Specializing in B2B makes a big difference because we know what information your clients need, what works and what doesn’t. B2B communications can be very different than B2C, so if you get your video explainer from a B2C agency you may not get the results you deserve.

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