Alex Winter

I am currently leading the Computer Vision and Machine Learning team for Arlo at Netgear, the undisputed leader in home and security cameras. I also dedicate a portion of my time to mentoring startups at Techstars NYC and IoT,, and with several venture capita funds.

Until late 2016, I was the CEO and founder of placemeter, the urban intelligence platform that helps quantify movement in our cities, at scale. We were acquired by Netgear in December 2016 after raising three rounds of venture capital and growing the team to 32 people based in NYC and Paris, France.

Prior to Placemeter, I was the tech co-founder LTU technologies. LTU was the pioneer in large scale image search by content. The company started up in France and quickly grew business in the USA. We sold LTU technologies successfully to a Japanese group after raising two rounds of venture capital. I was then the CEO of the company for four years.

Even further in the past, I was a post-doc Computer Vision researcher at INRIA in France, and also a missile guidance and remote sensing engineer at Airbus defense.

I am a computer scientist / image recognition expert by heart, entrepreneur by passion.

Alex Winter