B2B Fusion

Sales and marketing performance firm
At B2B Fusion, we help identify new revenue conversion opportunities by:
► Optimizing marketing and sales processes, and supporting systems
► Using a proven ABM approach by syncing marketing and sales processes to support each other
► Providing CMO-credible reporting and data driven insights to spend money and time where it counts
System Expertise: Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot, Salesforce, and technologies that integrate with those systems.
Process Expertise: Account Based Marketing,, Marketing Attribution, Email Deliverability, Lead Generation, Inside Sales, Marketing, Sales
Current and past clients include companies in the following industries: high-tech, SaaS, healthcare and Financial services.
Specialties: Marketo, Demand Generation, Marketing Automation, Eloqua, Salesforce, SDR/BDR, Outbound outreach, and Inbound