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This is an interview with Leslie Morales President & CFO of Launch Module Media and certified High Performance Life Coach.

B2BNXT: Who are you?

LESLIE MORALES: My name is Leslie Morales. I’m the president and CFO of Launch Module Media. I’m also a certified High Performance Life Coach through the High Performance Institute. Let me tell you a little bit about Launch Module Media and what we do.

Launch Module Media is a premiere media marketing and presentations agency. We’re a global company based in New York with over 11 years of independent consulting and agency services experience. Our main focus is in creating pitch books and presentations that are custom-branded by a team of seasoned writers, developers, and designers to be visually engaging, to accelerate deal flow, and to set your company and your investment opportunity apart from the competition. Our clients win funding.

B2BNXT: What do you do for your clients?

LESLIE MORALES: Launch Module primarily serves financial intuitions, startups, and other companies that are looking to work with industry experts in the development, design, and writing of presentations and marketing collateral including re-branding and videos. We provide guidance at the highest level across many different industries.

B2BNXT: What makes you different?

LESLIE MORALES: Launch Module has an insider’s view of what’s needed in a winning pitch deck. We use leading edge strategies and modern streamline presentations that stand out from the competition, and our marketing deliverables drive improved audience engagement, investor traction, and sales growth. The Launch Module team has logged over 30,000 hours of designing, branding, and creating story-driven visuals to top Wall Street, financial, consumer package goods, advertising, media, pharmaceutical, and IT companies. The secret’s in the sauce. Launch Module clients have raised and sold over $2 billion since 2009.

B2BNXT: What results do you get for your clients?

LESLIE MORALES: Launch Module Media is a full-service marketing agency. We specialize in creating high-end presentations and finding key differentiators for re-branding for our clients. Our clients raise capital, increase sales, and we improve their company’s messaging. We’ve worked with over 600 satisfied clients.

B2BNXT: What strategy works best for your clients?

LESLIE MORALES: We find that the “less is more approach” is what works best, not just for our clients, but also for the investor audience. This means careful content creation, which includes editing of marketing assets to create the most refined, compelling, and streamlined messaging.

B2BNXT: What is a common mistake companies make?

LESLIE MORALES: Clients often don’t understand the power of having an experienced and dynamic agency like Launch Module Media. We, one, develop. We, two, design, and three, we craft their presentations, their marketing collateral, and their videos. One of the other main issues is that many individuals and companies believe that they can do their own PowerPoint presentations, and they can, but they won’t be able to produce anything close to the level of quality that our team can with well over 30,000 hours of design and production experience and training in financial centers like that of Goldman Sachs. Finally, the financial investment for the top-of-the-line marketing support materials pays for itself. There’s no comparison to what the lay person does and what we do as marketing and design professionals.

B2BNXT: Where do you see the biggest opportunity now?

LESLIE MORALES: The biggest opportunity for our clients is in expanding and diversifying sources of venture capital and also investment opportunities and then for them to present their value propositions at the highest level to potential investors and buyers. Now, on the flip side, the biggest opportunity for Launch Module is created by emerging markets, markets like cannabis, cryptocurrency, driverless cars, AI. We’re positioning ourselves at the leading edge of new industries in that way. We can assist our clients with the resources to either raise capital, build sales, or sell products.

B2BNXT: What are your agency’s strengths?

LESLIE MORALES: We’re experts in our ability to take complex information and data and then convert that into a story-driven visual, copy that is both effective and persuasive, that’s directing, to the point, both visually and narratively.

B2BNXT: What problem do you solve for your clients?

LESLIE MORALES: What we found is that companies lack the ability to create a statement of purpose and then to develop and design presentations that clearly demonstrate these things, projected growth and profits, the investment opportunity they offer, enrollment and engagement of the prospective investor or buyer to want to learn more and want to jump on board. The other thing is that we often find the company, when left to their own devices, is either swimming in too much information that overwhelms the potential investor and buy or they don’t have the pertinent information that is most important to investors and buyers so that they can make an educated decision either to move forward or to pass on the opportunity.

Finally, Launch Module Media guides the process, that’s key, so that the client presents exactly what the investor and the buy needs to know without any of the excess that weighs down what otherwise could’ve been a very successful presentation.

B2BNXT: What’s your favorite book?

LESLIE MORALES: It’s got to be High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. This is a textbook that educates you about what you need to aspire to be and do. If you want to reach the next level of success in your life across the board, it’s an excellent resource.

B2BNXT: What is High Performance Coaching?

LESLIE MORALES: High Performance Coaching is a holistic, science-backed, and heart-centered program. It teaches six habits that lead to living an amazing quality of life. The program is geared toward long-term success and integrated mind, body, and spiritual well-being. Coaches support and teach clients the tools needed to succeed in life, relationships, and careers and how to have balance in all of these areas. There are only 700 elite High Performance Coaches in the world, and we are rigorously trained by Brendon Burchard and certified by the High Performance Institute.

B2BNXT: Why did you become a High Performance Life Coach?

LESLIE MORALES: I’ve been of service and coaching people literally all my life. In my previous life as a serial entrepreneur, I often had customers come to my office with problems. Some would spend the entire day just talking, and it gave me great personal satisfaction knowing that I could help people figure out and transform their lives. I believe that everything in life is figure-outable.

In 2005, my son was in a car accident that left him with a traumatic injury, and my days as a serial entrepreneur were put on hold for a while. Well, I turned to what always brought me heartfelt satisfaction, and that’s coaching. In 2015, I got certified as a High Performance Coach and a Law of Attraction Coach simultaneously. Then in late 2017, I launched my coaching website. Through High Performance Coaching, I’ve been able to transform and lead my business to the next level of success.

B2BNXT: How has High Performance Coaching impacted operations?

LESLIE MORALES: In how we serve our clients, always at the highest level, in the quality of the products that we produce for our clients, always at the highest level, and in the courage that we demonstrated doing things differently than what’s being done in the industry, always at the highest level.

B2BNXT: Contact info?

LESLIE MORALES: Reach out if you need marketing support with your pitch book, your pitch deck, your presentation, re-branding, or videos. Let’s talk. Shoot me an email at, and if you’re interested in High Performance Coaching, email me at Let’s schedule a strategy session. It’s on me. Thank you for watching today, and we’ll be posting new videos real soon. Go out there and do something great today. Bam.

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